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Trimble Advancements in OEM GNSS Technology

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Trimble’s GNSS product portfolio continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible for precise positioning performance, reliability and availability. Learn more about how Trimble is driving new, industry best results in positioning, localization, guidance and automation with their latest products.


Trimble ProPoint Positioning Engine

Trimble® ProPoint™ is the fifth generation high-precision positioning engine from Trimble that is engineered to provide position and orientation data from the fusion of GNSS signals, globally accessible high-accuracy correction services, and measurement data from a variety of sensors. Game-changing performance enhancements as a result of these latest improvements include:

  • Leveraging BeiDou generation 3 signals (B1C, B2A, B2B)
  • Ability to use single-frequency signals (historically dual-frequency was required)
  • Make use of robust estimation to remove “bad” measurement data

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Trimble AX940i Smart Antenna

There are ‘smart’ antennas and then there’s the prodigiously smart, exceptionally capable AX940i from Trimble. A compact and easy-to-install high-precision GNSS smart antenna with an integrated receiver contained within a sleek enclosure, built-in inertial sensors and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. By integrating inertial sensors on the same module, robust high-accuracy positions are produced in all environments. The receiver is also ideal for use as a GNSS DGPS/RTK base station for highly flexible use-case applications.
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Trimble BD992-INS Board

This multi-purpose, epic performing, highly versatile board makes other manufacturer’s boards and enclosures seem, well, boring! The BD992-INS is a dual-antenna receiver with an integrated inertial navigation system. It is a robust navigation system that supports position and orientation at high update rates. The flagship BD992-INS receiver module offers geodetic grade positioning, is sub-centimeter capable, and robust enough to handle the rigors of machine control. Plus, its dual antenna and inertial integration make working in challenging conditions a breeze.
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Trimble RTX Positioning Services

Trimble RTX® is a family of real-time GNSS positioning services, offering next-level accuracy and maximizing workflow performance with the freedom to work anywhere. RTX delivers cm-level, repeatable results every time, even in the most remote locations thanks to satellite delivery. This means no reliance on base stations, range anxiety using RTK or worry of cellular outages when working in extreme, isolated environments.

Recent enhancements include reduced convergence times down to 3 minutes in most regions, including re-convergence if signal is lost, while improving performance in challenging areas such as near treelines and other obstructions. Your customers will be thanking you later!
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